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Future use of base 60...

We envision TrakIt™ and its corresponding symbol, ⓣ, to become popular in several applications especially those involving digital files containing copyrighted material(s). To see why we think there needs to be a new symbol with the same importance as Ⓒ and Ⓡ, see Copyrights and Trademarks in the Digital Age.

(TrakIt is TagIt, ChekIt, SellIt)™. The three separate processes are as follows:
TagIt™, changes filename to a standard order and uniquely identifies each filename.
ChekIt™, provides a means to check ownership of each filename.
SellIt™, provides a means for transfer of ownership.

Why did we choose a base 60 numbering system? Why not base 62? Or, a larger base system with more characters like [, }, and `? We wanted to use a non-decimal numbering system to save space in the filenames. 100,000 in decimal is Smf in base 60, so that was good, 3 characters instead of 7. It's also easier to read and you don't need the commas that decimal uses. Foremost in our thinking was to make it readable. This rules out the special characters. Imagine telling someone a number like left square bracket, 3, 4, right curly bracket, F, left parenthesis, grave! 62 had the same problem because it contained O (capital o) and l (lower case L) which can easily be confused with zero (0) and one (1). And we thought it highly coincidental that the numbers 0-9, and the English alphabet, upper and lower case letters, minus O (capital o) and l (lower case L), equals 60. ...that same magical number so important to ancient civilizations.

It should also be noted, whenever a marketing person is shown a list of the possible, common Latin names of different base numbering systems that could be used with ten numbers and letters of the English alphabet, they always pick base 60 as the one to use.

17 septendecimal
18 octodecimal
19 nonadecimal
20 vigesimal
30 trigesimal
40 quadragesimal
50 quinquagesimal
60 sexagesimal

As base 16, hexadecimal, is commonly known as "hex", some may refer to sexagesimal as "sex".

As a public service, please be advised, if you search for sex numbers, the results have nothing to do with this meaning of sex. If you want more information about real sex numbers, please search for sexagesimal. Thanks!

ⓣ, TrakIt, TagIt, ChekIt, SellIt are all trademarks of falling possums, llc.


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